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NEWNAN GA, Cosmetic Studio


NEWNAN, GA 30263-5819 US

Merle Norman Cosmetic Studio in NEWNAN, GA 314245

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About Us

We're your convenient neighborhood source for the very finest cosmetics from Merle Norman. For years, women have relied on Merle Norman to meet their Skin Care and Color needs. Because there really is a difference.

Our People

This Merle Norman Cosmetic Studio is a local business, independently owned and operated. Our Staff is carefully trained and dedicated to helping you select the products that are right for you. Our long-term commitment to personalized service and a unique philosophy of "Try Before You Buy" is your assurance of satisfaction.


Mike & Mary Ellen
Mary Ellen had a long time dream to open a Merle Norman once she retired. The plan materialized about 20 years early!!. Her other dream is Hutchie!! He is the eye candy often found in the store….that is what makes it “ sugary”. (get it…Sugars Boutique…such whit!) Mary Ellen and Michael moved to Newnan from St. Louis about 22 years ago. They have a great son living in California and a daughter dreaming of attending SCAD. If you just connected the dots, yes…. Francie is their daughter! They love the community in Coweta county and are so happy to be a part of this big, little town!!

Fran is the first member of the team! She had worked for the previous owner and thank goodness, she stayed on!!! We love Fran!! She is Coweta born and bred. If there is anyone in town that has lived here longer than 10 years, Fran knows them. She has two great sons and an awesome husband! When we lose control of our money, Fran is the one that gets us back on track!! LOL Fran is our “behind the scenes” gal that is the glue keeping us running. Morgan is one of our younger team members! She started using Merle as a customer and the next thing we knew….she was working here. She just basically showed up and never left! Really, Morgan is a princess and believes everyone should have all the awesome things she has. She is FUN to shop with!! Good “girl therapy” never hurt anyone, that is what Morgan specializes in. Morgan also keeps all the Sugars social media up to date. She will be leaving us in August for college and will be dearly missed.
Paula is our split personality girl! Preschool teacher by day, make-up artist by night!!! Paula has lived in Coweta county for quite a while. She and her husband have a son attending JSU, that is where all their money goes. $$$$ Paula is the most patient of all the staff, if you are ever feeling grumpy, please come when Paula is working!! Paula loves chocolate and can be easily bribed Barbara has been using Merle longer than anyone on our team! She came out of the womb wearing Merle, and 50 years later is still wearing it. (She has had to replenish her stock a time or two since then!) Barbara and her husband have two awesome children and count them, 5 grandchildren. We know, it doesn’t seem possible! Barbara is the soothing effect of the store. We all think it is because she gets to travel so much!! They are the official RV family. Francie has grown up in the store, she is a true Merle Girl! Sometimes we think she is the owners favorite!!! LOL Her goal is to attend Savannah College of Art and Design. We try to “help her” reach her goals by letting her do all our floor displays…..Lucky girl! Francie has a talent for make-up artistry and is great with hair extensions. She attends Trinity Christian School and is eager to start the next phase of her life!

We're easy to find! For additional information, contact our Studio during business hours.

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