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MUSKOGEE OK, Cosmetic Studio
1326 SOUTH YORK ST Yorkshire Shopping C , MUSKOGEE OK 74403-7650


MUSKOGEE, OK 74403-7650 US

Merle Norman Cosmetic Studio in MUSKOGEE, OK 381954

Find your perfect match with a free foundation check!

Our Company

The company’s beginnings are an American success story. It started in the late 1920s when an ambitious young woman named Merle Nethercutt Norman began sharing skin care products of her own creation with family and friends. She felt so strongly about the quality of her products that she believed if she could just “get it on their faces” they would become customers. And, that they did!

It was from this concept that the famous, and much imitated slogan,
“Try Before You Buy”
originated. Merle Norman is also the inventor of the legendary “Before and After” makeover. As demand grew, she opened her first Studio in 1931 in Santa Monica, CA, with the help of her nephew, J.B. Nethercutt, who assisted in the development and manufacturing of her products.Her single Studio has evolved into the successful corporation it is today.

Made in the USA

At Merle Norman Cosmetics, we believe in "in" sourcing. From a humble kitchen in California, Merle Norman started as, and continues to be, an American company. For us, "Made in the USA" is not just a cliche. It's a literal translation of who we are.We are proud that our formulas are made right here in the U.S., along with the compacts, jars, bottles,caps and tubes in which our products are packaged!

Our Studio Philosophy

These days you pump your own gas, bag your own groceries...are n't you tired of self service? We are! That's why at Merle Norman we provide superior customer service each, and every day.

"Try Before You Buy"

Visitors to our studio will enjoy the complimentary services that we're famous for. We are firm believers in Merle Norman's own try-before-you-buy philosophy that started over eighty years ago.

Our Studio is a certified Gold Medallion Studio. It has been officially recognized as representing the highest standards of excellence in customer service.

Our People

Our trained Beauty Consultants are always on hand to offer first-class advice and complimentary services!

They'll help select your ideal skin care regimen with a Skin Assessment, find the perfect base for your face with a Foundation Check, or give you a whole new look with our signature service - the Merle Norman Makeup Lesson!

Marlene and Sean
Trained Merle Norman Beauty Consultants

Our Founder<br> Merle Norman
Our Founder
Merle Norman


Are you getting the most from your products?
Check your labels for these scientifically proven ingredients!

ANTIOXIDANTS help defend skin against free radicals,
the molecules generated by the sun, pollution and other
environmental sources, which damage the DNA of healthy
skin cells leading to the signs of premature aging. What to
look for on the label: Vitamins A, C and E, White Tea, Green
Tea, Pomegranate Extract and Resveratrol.
is a synthetic
version of the skin-
plumping, joint-lubricating
substance produced
naturally in our bodies.
it keeps skin hydrated
with its ability to hold up
to 1,000 times its weight
in water! Look for it in
serums and moisturizers.
groundbreaking study finds that "regular sunscreen
use retards skin aging in healthy, middle-aged
men and women." Look for Broad Spectrum,
which means it protects against both UVA (aging)
and UVB (burning) rays. You may also prefer the
lightweight, silky texture of a chemical sunscreen
(like Avobenzone and Oxybenzone).

derived from sugar cane,
fruit or milk, dissolve the
"glue" between dead skin
cells that accumulate on
skin's surface, allowing
them to be sloughed off
revealing fresh, new skin.
What to look for on the
label: Glycolic, Malic, Citric,
Tartaric, or Lactie Acid.

PEPTIDES are a string
of amino acids that help
improve skin's firmness,
elasticity and suppleness.
Look for products that
contain multiple peptides
to maximize results.

We're easy to find! For additional information, contact our Studio during business hours.


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