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MEXICO MO, Cosmetic Studio
120 WEST JACKSON , MEXICO MO 65265-2710


MEXICO, MO 65265-2710 US

Merle Norman Cosmetic Studio in MEXICO, MO 116608

(From left) Carol Blackburn, Lana Baclesse and Paula Fuqua at a celebration Friday June 14 at the Merle Norman Cosmetic Studio.
In 1970 Fuqua opened the Merle Norman Cosmetics Studio on Washington St across from Lawrence Drug store.
In 1973 she moved it to its current location 120 W Jackson. Blackburn managed the store when Fuqua and her family moved to Baldwin, Mo. She hired Baclesse to help fill in until she could sell the shop. Beth Irvin (now deceased) purchased the store and kept both Blackburn and Baclesse as employees. After Irvin’s husband passed away she moved to California and again Blackburn managed the shop and Baclesse continued to work for her. After several years Blackburn purchased the shop.
In 2000 Blackburn and her husband Mike moved to Arizona and Baclesse-after working 27 years for 3 different bosses-purchased the shop. She is celebrating 40 years with Merle Norman and 13 years of owning the studio.

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