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ASHEVILLE NC, Cosmetic Studio
800 Fairview Rd RIVER RIDGE MARKET PLACE Ste A-1, ASHEVILLE NC 28803-1280


800 Fairview Rd
ASHEVILLE, NC 28803-1280 US

Merle Norman Cosmetic Studio in ASHEVILLE, NC 292078

Welcome to Merle Norman of Asheville Home of Bride Prom & Tux

We are a Gold Medallion Merle Norman Studio, recognized for providing the best selection and service for Merle Norman Cosmetic products. In addition to having the best cosmetic products available today, as independent retailers, we also carry other non-cosmetic products such as ladies' formal wear, shoes, accessories, and more that are not associated with Merle Norman cosmetics. We have a delightful experience in store for you today. Inside you'll find...

•Advanced skin care and cosmetic products
•A calm, unpressured atmosphere
•The chance to "Try Before You Buy"
•Free Merle Norman makeover lessons
•Personalized beauty tips
•Fabulous gift ideas
•And much more!

Call us today and schedule your free makeover lesson
Call us today and schedule your free makeover lesson

About Us

We're your convenient neighborhood source for the very finest cosmetics from Merle Norman. For years, women have relied on Merle Norman to meet their Skin Care and Color needs. Because there really is a difference.

Our People

This Merle Norman Cosmetic Studio is a local business, independently owned and operated. Our Staff is carefully trained and dedicated to helping you select the products that are right for you. Our long-term commitment to personalized service and a unique philosophy of "Try Before You Buy" is your assurance of satisfaction.


Open 10:30an-8:00 pm
Monday -Saturday


We're easy to find! For additional information, contact our Studio during business hours.


There are no events at this time.